Internet of Things
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Yanza Cloud Platform for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects the things and data that drive your business together in new ways. Get your device data onto the IoT quickly and easily. Share that information seamlessly across your organisation to drive process improvement. Visualise data with IoT dashboards. Uncover previously hidden patterns, trends, and information intelligence. Modernise how you do business, within your organisation, with your customers, and your suppliers. Welcome to the Internet of your Things.
Connectivity with everything

The Internet has revolutionised the world. The Internet of Things is about to revolutionise the Internet.

Three Billion people use the web, Gartner say there are already six billion devices on the IoT, and that will grown to twenty billon by 2020.

Simply put, IoT is the biggest opportunity for business to expand their reach, discover new markets, and accelerate their customers scope. It's the fourth industrial revolution. gartner.com/newsroom/id/3165317
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For a limited time the Yanza IoT cloud service is available for free to test your own IoT device connectivity, data uploading, storage, and sharing.

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Want to find out how IoT works right now, see how easy it is to get IoT device data onto the Yanza cloud, read it back from the cloud, and perform basic data formatting ready for presentation or use in IoT dashboards.

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